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Valuation and Advisory Services

Deep Portfolio of Services

IRC 409A - Cheap Stock Valuation

  • Involves estimating the Fair Value/Fair Market Value of common stock for the purpose of establishing the strike price for stock option grants.
  • Required by private companies and start ups that rely on stock based compensation for employees. 

ASC 718- Stock based compensation
  • Involves estimating the fair value of the grant (options, restricted stock unit (RSU)) and calculation of the amortization schedule over the vesting period of the grant. 
  • Required by both private and public companies that use stock based compensation for employees.

ASC 805- Purchase Price Allocation

  • Involves allocation of purchase price paid in a transaction to tangible assets, intangible assets and goodwill acquired.
  • Required by companies that have made acquisitions.
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ASC 350/360 Impairment Testing for Goodwill and Long Lived Assets
  • Involves testing the goodwill and other long lived assets for impairment.
  • Required by companies that have made acquisitions or have long lived assets

IRC Sec. 382 Study- Carry Forward of NOLs

  • Involves estimating the Fair Market Value of all the classes of stock in a company pursuant to equity transactions, to establish limits on NOL usability.
  • Required by companies that have NOLs and have had multiple equity transactions (VC funding, private placement, ownership changes).

C to S Corp Conversion
  • Involves estimating the Fair Market Value of the business and assets of a C corp. before  conversion to S corp. to establish the Built In Gains. 
  • Required by companies that plan or have elected to convert from C corp. to S corp.